Volume II Airbrushing Techniques for Custom Painting

This 48 page book contains hundreds of step-by-step, color photos with details on projects such as motorcycle tanks, surface prep and graphics. #510

Hobby and Craft Guide to Airbrushing

A 32 page guide, includes 21 "how-to" sections on prepping for painting, camouflage, weathering, etc. #500

Step by Step Modelers Guide to Airbrushing

by Susan Harris and Evan Roark
A 32 color page book on military modeling, figure and diorama painting. Includes important tips to help you bring realism to your scale models. #505




Self-instruction comes to life in these step-by-step, full color books covering a wide range of interests.


Beginner to Intermediate-airbrush techniques and exercises #BD-103
Start to finish Fingernail airbrushing #BD-105
Start to finish T-Shirt airbrushing #BD-107
Start to finish Cake decorating with the airbrush #BD-109
Model & Hobby airb rushing from A-Z #BD-111
Start to finish Wildfowl Carving airbrush technique #BD-113


What better way to learn than by watching the pros demonstrate their techniques, then playing back the lesson and learning at your own pace. These videos, approximately 30 minutes in length, are perfect for classroom instruction as well. Skill levels range from beginner to advanced, and subject matter covers various airbrush applications. Available in PAL & NTSC.
Introduction to Airbrushes, Accessories, and Airbrushing Mediums # BV001
Vol. I The Fundamentals of Airbrush Technique: Basic Exercises # BV002
Vol. II Intermediate Airbrush Technique: Working in Color # BV003
Vol. I The Art of Airbrushing Fingernails: A Basic Course # BV004
Vol. II The Art of Airbrushing Fingernails: Advanced Design Techniques # BV005
Vol. I T-Shirt and Fabric Airbrushing: Techniques for Getting Started # BV006
Vol. II T-Shirt and Fabric Airbrushing for the Intermediate Artist # BV007
The Art of Airbrushing Wildfowl Carvings # BV020
Cake Decorating with the Airbrush #BV008
Basic Model Painting with the Airbrush #BV009
Tips, Tricks, & Airbrush Techniques for Super Detailing Models #BV010
Aging and Weathering Models (and stuff) with the Airbrush #BV011
Tanning Application Instruction #22-424