Spare Tire Valve Adaptor

To use a spare tire for pressure, insert the adaptor into the Propelª regulator valve (# 50-200) and attach to spare tire. Note: tire must be on a rim and inflated to 40lbs. (2.75 bar) of air pressure (# 50-029).



Badger Propelª Regulator

Made of high-impact nylon, with metal parts. Regulates on/off for Propelª (# 50-200).

Propelª Propellant

Excellent starting air source or short usage alternative air source for use with all types and makes of airbrushes. Contains no CFC's and does not promote ozone depletion. Available in Regular, (# 50-002) and Economy Size, (# 50-202).

Airbrush Holder

Holds two airbrushes of any make or model. Allows easy access to your airbrushes; eliminates dropping of airbrush and paint spills. Clamps securely to any drafting table, desk or taboret edge (up to 2" 5cm thick). (#125)